Versatile And Unique Free Crochet Patterns

You will join all four squares to the base square first by holding each side square, wrong side to wrong side, with the base square. Start by laying our your squares all around the base. The bottom of each square will be adjacent to the base, with the pockets facing outwards. I once joined a bag with the side squares the wrong way up and its annoying…

  • Use UK dc stitches (US sc stitches) and work through both loops of the outer stitches of both squares. Make one stitch into the first corner and then work from that corner along the base and first side square until you reach the next corner. Make one stitch into this corner.
  • Then position the bottom of the next square to the next side of your base (wrong side to wrong side again). Work one stitch into the first corner (so that the corner will have 2 stitches in it now). Carry on making a UK dc (US sc) into each stitch along.
  • Repeat for all four sides of the base until the bottom of all 4 squares are joined to the base. Do not fasten off.


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